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Heart Prague is helping people from Ukraine. Do you need help?Heart Prague допомагає людям з України. Вам потрібна допомога?

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Need help?

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what we do

As some of you know, our church is working closely with several humanitarian & Christian organisations to help out during this difficult time in Ukraine. We reached out to the organisations asking on how can we effectively help them and they mentioned the need of 2 things:

Prayers and financial aid.

Spiritual help and support
We provide spiritual help and support to Ukrainian refugees affected by the war. Our team of dedicated volunteers organizes group and individual counseling sessions and offers a variety of spiritual practices to help the refugees cope with their difficult situation. Join us in supporting the mental and spiritual wellbeing of our fellow human beings.

Organising Transport
We organised the transport for refugees from Mariupol to Czech Republic and they arrived safely. This has been possible through cooperating with the organization. There is still a need to continue in supporting the Ukrainian Citizens through your donations to organize transport and also provide them some groceries.

Transport Food to Ukraine
Heart Prague has donated 100,000 CZK towards buying food for the Edem refugee camp serving Ukrainian refugees. With this donation, we can ensure that the refugees receive necessary sustenance and nutrition during their difficult time. We believe that providing food to those in need is not only a basic human right but also a fundamental duty of society.

Helping Ukrainians Find a New Home and Job
We help Ukrainian refugees find new homes and jobs. Our team works with local authorities and non-profit organizations to connect refugees with housing and employment opportunities. We also provide career counseling and job training to help refugees achieve their full potential. Join us in building a better future for Ukrainian families.

Reuniting Families
We work to reunite Ukrainian moms with their children. Due to the conflict, many families have been separated, leaving mothers and children stranded in different parts of the country. We organize transport and coordinate meetings between mothers and their children, providing emotional support to both. Help us reunite families and bring hope to those affected by the conflict.

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